27 maart 2018

Script description


What does the script do?

It chooses the best landing page based on the given number of conversions and clicks for given landing pages. It is written in PHP. A PHP function is ready to use or it can be a part of your own script.

How it is different from other similar scripts?

Most of the scripts (like this one hier) offer you a possibility of comparing only 2 conversios rates at a time.  Even if you can add more variations only one comparison is conducted with the control. Those methods use so called frequentists statistics. They methods rely on classical statistical tests, significance level and confidence bounds.

Our script uses Bayesian methods in opposite to offered frequentists split tests calculators. It allows you to compare unlimited number of LPs! This is due to the fact that Bayesian methods are not based on any testing, but use so called posterior probability. Therefore what is reported is not “A is better than B”  or “B is better than A” with the annotation if the result is significant (YES or NO) but rather probability (we call it posterior probability) that “A is better than B” or “B is better than A”. Since we do not use any testing here we can provide the probability that “A is better than all the other variations (B,C,D….)”!

How the Bayesian methodology is applied?

Through exact solutions up to three compared LPs, no sampling is needed. So it splits the problem to choosing the winner out of three or two LPs, depending on the number of LPs to compare.

For those of you who knows a bit about the Bayesian statistics: here in the demonstration version we use vague priors but they can be customized.

The script can be customized and integrated with Google Analytics!

We can easily customized the script in order to integrate it with the Google Analytics.  Just choose the customized version and we will do all the needed work.

Try it for free!

You can see how the script works for the fixed number of 4 LPs. Just click hier.

Who wrote it?

Read about the author of the script here.  And hier is an author’s ResearchGate profile.

Neem contact met ons op voor meer informatie of koop het script nu:

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